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PolarDuty-Sherpa Leggings

PolarDuty-Sherpa Leggings

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Fabric Blend
Care Instructions

Product Summary

  • Our PolarDuty series are rated for down to 15-20F (-10 to -7 C)
  • Super warm & buttery soft
  • High-rise, anti-drop waistband
  • Stretches for ease of movement
  • Premium cotton-lining
  • Ultra-comfort
  • Sweat-wicking material

Fabric Blend

Our fabric is a blend of 95% Cotton Fleece and 5% Lycra for moisture-wicking, breathability and elasticity for form-fitting with an interior blend of our Sherpa 95% Polyster 5% Lyrca blend.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in cold water with like colors. Air dry preferred, tumble on low temperature acceptable. Why air dry preferred? Using any amount of heat to dry leggings can cause the fabric to shrink unevenly. Air drying ensures consistent drying while also being a no heat method. Tumble dry on low temperature helps prevent uneven shrinking, but doesn't guarantee that the leggings retain their original shape. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do no dry clean.

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Combining Fashion With Functionality

Combining Fashion With Functionality

Athleivate elevates your Athleisure lifestyle to a whole new level, and not just with aesthetics! Think simply aesthetic athleisure wear built with purpose.

Based in Denver felt all over the world. We are a small team of highly specialized individuals with one purpose in mind; simply aesthetic and highly functional leggings. You won't see 50+ designs of legging because we design one best legging for each one purpose, no more choosing a running legging from tens of designs because which is best? The short answer, none.

The Most Warm & Versatile Leggings Around

Whether you’re wearing our Sherpa-Cotton leggings for a cold weather activity, relaxing at home, running errands or an evening out on the town, they’ll keep you toasty and stylish all season long. Made from a blend of premium lycra and polyester, our Sherpa-Cotton leggings are form-fitting, yet move right along with you without being constrictive. Seam-free and figure flattering, they offer endless styling options. Wear as an added under layer in cold weather, or fashionably pair them with a dress or skirt for work or a night out on the town. They look stunning worn alone with a tunic or crop top. Pair with heels, boots, sandals and ballet flats, or just use your imagination.

Plush & Thick Interior

Pulling on our Sherpa-Cotton leggings is like wrapping your favorite blanket around your legs. We’ve chosen the thickest and most plush cotton to wrap your legs around for superior warmth. What sets our Sherpa-Cotton leggings apart? Our competitor’s cotton leggings claim to be designed for cold weather, yet they're only slightly thicker than normal leggings. Our leggings feature a thick plush interior that effectively insulates heat without adding extra bulk, and helps to prevent chafing.

Stay-Put High Waistband

Goodbye muffin top. Enjoy peace of mind with our stretch waistband that stays firmly in place.  The anti-drop, high-rise waistband stays put above the navel for maximum coverage. It also tightens any problem areas to give you sexy, smooth lines right where you want them.  And it passes the Squat Test with flying colors!

Breathable for Sublime Comfort

With a smooth, breathable exterior, our fleece leggings are gusseted for the perfect amount of stretch and ease of movement during all your activities. When you slip into our leggings, you’ll love how they mold to your body for a perfect flattering fit, yet they’re never constricting. While our expertly crafted leggings will keep you cozy warm during the winter months, the breathable fabric makes them comfortable enough to wear all-year round during cool days and nights.

Go-Dry Moisture Wicking Technology

At Athleivate, we’ve taken traditional fleece leggings to a whole new level of excellence. We’ve added breakthrough sweat-wicking properties that keeps you dry and comfortable, and eliminates sweat and chafing.

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