Athleivate elevates your Athleisure lifestyle to a whole new level, and not just with aesthetics!

Think simply aesthetic athleisure wear built with purpose.

Each legging is made with intent in mind and is built to be the best legging for that specific purpose.

For example, if you are looking for a legging that would help you when hiking then we have a legging specifically for that. We found too many athleisure brands focus on vague purposes for their athleisure wear using terms like "breathable" "moisture-wicking" or "cooling properties" without telling you what the legging itself is truly built for.

Created by a small team based out of Denver and Los Angeles each design is unique and specially built with custom fabrics, knit & brushing techniques.

Based in Denver felt all over the world. We are a small team of highly specialized individuals with one purpose in mind; simply aesthetic and highly functional leggings. You won't see 50+ designs of legging because we design one best legging for each one purpose, no more choosing a running legging from tens of designs because which is best? The short answer, none.

Our leggings value is in the design, not the print.

Our leggings value is in the design, not the print.

Many legging brands focus on print rather than seams, fabric, body design of their products. We don't place the value of our leggings in the print design but rather the legging design itself.

Thank you all for your continuing help and amazing support! We love your enthusiasm!

We take pride in making the highest quality leggings that provide the solution to your discomfort. The time of leggings being general athletic wear is over! And if you've read this far we thank you for your interest! And please enjoy 20% off on us with AboutUs20%.